What size of chandelier is right for your room?


Measure your ceiling height and use the quick ready reckoner guide below.

<7ft: We would recommend that ceiling heights of 7 feet or below are generally not suitable for hanging lights, the exception to this rule is if it is to be positioned above a table. You can have grand, chandelier style wall lightssparkly table lamps or crystal chandelier inspired floor lamps as an alternative, if you’ve set your sights on a crystal or glass sparkle effect light fitting.

8ft: For ceilings of around 8 feet in height, there’s plenty of choice for modern chandelier lights which fit close to the ceiling. We would advise that you allow a clearance below the base of the light fitting of at least 6 feet and 6 inches to 7 feet if you have tall family or visitors or to allow for unexpected movement.

9ft: If you have a ceiling height of approximately 9 feet high, the choice of fittings really begins to expand and allows for lights to hang on longer suspension, chain or dual mount type light fitting that has a drop down light on metal frame rather than using the chain (sometimes referred to as semi flush).

10 – 11ft: When you have ceiling height of between 10 and 11 feet, you can afford to have a light that hangs down from the ceiling around 2 to 3 feet, often when light measurements are stated they include the length of chain too. If you see a chandelier’s measurement giving a minimum and maximum this is normally the shortest measurement (when the chain has been adjusted leaving just one link) to the longest (full chain) from the decorative part of the fitting to the ceiling mounting plate (sometimes referred to as a ceiling cup, canopy or ceiling rose).

>12ft: For those of you with ceilings over 12 feet; lucky you! Only a few lights are excluded from your choices. Almost any light will work here, allowing for a clearance of 7 or more feet from the floor, however, be aware that If you have very high ceilings you may have a picture rail too – this will play a part in the aesthetics as you may not wish the light to hang below that height (tradition dictates as a rule of thumb).

>15ft: If you have a double height ceiling, or one higher than 15 feet, you will need to consider having something that hangs low enough to reach for easy changing of the light bulbs. Sometimes lights can be made with longer cable or chain, specially customised to suit the size of your room. We’d advise this is carried out during the manufacture of the light. You may find that very few lighting companies offer this type of service; proudly – we do!

There’s a wide selection of customisable light fittings which can be specially made to your bespoke height specification at a small additional cost. Talk to the sales team if you have special lighting requirements and they will be happy to assist you with lighting your high ceiling. As we’re experts for lighting high ceilings, you’ll also find dedicated sections on the website – one for modern lighting for high ceilings, which includes some lovely crystal contemporary styles, and for a period home, rustic or converted barns, churches and chapels, we have the barns and high ceiling section, specializing in traditional and heritage styles for period settings.

You may also wish to peruse the multi-tier lights for dramatic statement lights of very large proportions. These are so impressive, they are often used for contract applications, i.e., wedding venue lights and hotel reception or foyer lighting.

What about if you have a high ceiling in a small room? Can you still install a big light?

You may worry that the light may be too wide for a room. Having limited floor space does not preclude you from having a large statement light as there’s no clutter high up there. Going a little larger on the ceiling light makes a statement that does not get in the way or impede movement – even in tiny rooms. If you have a show off high ceiling, why not add a “wow”?!

What height should a chandelier hang above a table or kitchen island?

There is nothing that makes a grand statement better than an opulent chandelier above your dining table. Regardless of whether that be a traditional candelabra style or a contemporary crystal modern light, the question always comes down to what size and height it should be, or how low it should hang. This same conundrum applies to lights above large kitchen islands, breakfast bars or kitchen peninsular worktops. Large decorative feature lights are often utilised to dress and elevate dining kitchens, which now play a big part of the living rooms and social areas throughout the home and are therefore thoroughly deserving of more lavish lighting.

When lighting such dining spaces, careful thought should be given to the height of the light to avoid glare in the eyes for you and your dinner guests. It’s prudent to consider that the fitting does not obscure the view from one diner to another; as much as you may want your guests to admire your light, it’s no reason to place it directly in front of their faces! Take the time to sit at the table and make sure the light is at least 2.5 feet from the surface of the table or island top. Ideally, it should take up no more than a third of the table’s length and so that your table is not dwarfed in scale, take care that it does not protrude further than the its width. It is often better to utilise two smaller chandeliers than use one that dominates. Large scale is great for adding impact but don’t overdo it, or that you knock the light when rising from the table.

Fitting the light with dimmable bulbs (where possible) allows for changing ambience.

How do you change the bulbs for chandeliers in very tall spaces?

There are a couple of options to consider giving you access to light fitments installed higher up. You could look to install a hoist, or look to have a fitment made with longer suspension supports.

Installing a chandelier winch or hoist; the pros and cons:

• It seems sensible to easily move the light down to change the light bulbs.
• Hoists are expensive to buy typically costing more than the value of the light.
• They require specialist to install them.
• You’ll still need to gain access for maintenance of the hoist.

The alternative is having a light made with a longer cable or chain suspension. This will:

• Ensure that you add the additional length to your order as it’s a more complicated to add it later
• A lower hanging light source can be more effective in the space you require to light
• Makes it easier to reach
• Ensures a custom fit for your home that’s unique to you

As an alternative, you could look at hiring a platform or cherry picker to periodically change your light bulbs. It would be advisable to install LED bulbs in all situations as this type of light bulb may have an expected life of up to 15 years dependent on use. Find out more about LED bulbs in our comprehensive blog or look at the range for product specific details.