Raindrop Pendant Light

Raindrop Pendant Light gives the invisible transparent raindrops a glittering body. The inside golden fragments are like a burning flame. Every detail reveals the low-key luxury of this crystal chandelier.


Raindrop Pendant Light

Raindrop Pendant Light Dia 5 cm x H 63 cm/ ∅ 2″ x H 24.8″ is inspired by the rain, which visualizes the raindrop in a crystal model. It can be a gorgeous chandelier in the hall or stair.

The combination of golden finish and crystal adds elegance. With LED-chip inside, its interior is full of golden fragments. When illuminated, it exudes flaming brightness. It is available in two sizes, small and large raindrop.

This light fixture is as synonymous with the mild-luxury and chic chandelier. You can hang it singly or in a cluster, especially when using with rotary suspension, it will form a pretty sight. It is perfect for staircase and the hall with high ceiling.

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VERRISE Raindrop Pendant Light Product Details

  • Material: Metal/ Crystal
  • Light source: LED (with Warm White light)
  • Power: 3 W per piece
  • Weight: 3 kg/ 6.6 lbs
  • Finishes: Gold
  • Process: Die Casting/ Electroplating
  • Control method: Push button switch (not dimmable)

Raindrop Pendant Light  Product Size available upon request

  • Small: Dia 5 cm x H 27 cm/ ∅ 2″  x H 10.6″
  • Large: Dia 5 cm x H 63 cm/ ∅ 2″ x H 24.8″
  • Ceiling Plate(round):
  • 1 Pcs: Dia 10 cm/ ∅ 3.9”
  • 3 Pcs: Dia 25 cm/ ∅ 9.8”
  • 5 Pcs: Dia 30 cm/ ∅ 11.8”
  • 7 Pcs: Dia 45 cm/ ∅ 17.7”
  • 12 Pcs: Dia 60 cm/ ∅ 23.6”

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