E10 French Sudron Candles

E10 French Sudron Candles

Tapered ivory coloured French Sudron candles with an E10 lamp holder.

Each has a 10mm x 1mm female threaded nut at the base to secure candle onto an existing male thread on your light fitting.

Perfect for new designs or restoration and replacement of the existing Candles.

The product comes with no wire or rebate allowing you to connect your own flex.

Made of nylon/plastic and comes in 3 pieces as pictured for self assembly.

Available in:

Height of the candles available are 11cm, 17cm and 23cm.

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Please use the form below to request the order of a custom candle tube.

Smaller quantities available at premium rates. All candles are machined to order.

Candles with shoulders can be produced, please email sales@candletubes.com